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Why hello.

I am alive.
I’m an awful blogger. I’m an awful Weight Watcher. I’m an awful student.

I’m suppose to be studying for a test, since I’m skipping class; however, instead, I’m updating my blog that I haven’t updated in months. My bad.

I let my Weight Watcher Online subscription expire this month. Not renewing it, I think, is what I really need. I have been slacking on my WW hardcore. I’ve been in the 220s for months (though, I’ve worked down to the lower end, 223.8 as of this mornings WI). Once I get my motivation back, and realize that I *do* want this, I will renew my subscription. For now, I know the basics and will continue to work on it. I need to get back on the tracking party. The gym was my best friend the first few weeks back at school, but now the semester has caught up with me.

I’m vowing this week to get back in the mindset that I need to be in to be successful. Mid-January marks my one year anniversary with Weight Watchers. I’ve got 4 months. I’ve only lost a little over 20 pounds. This is definitely not where I wanted to be at this stage in my WLJ. 4 months is a long time. Let’s see if I can get back on the wagon and be in one-derland for my one year anni.


I’ve been a very naughty blogger. I haven’t updated since June. I’ve always been meaning to. . . I just haven’t.

Week 26

Start Date: 1/16/2010
Start Weight: 245
Start BMI: 42

Today’s Stats Date: 7/21/2010
Today’s Weight: 226
Today’s BMI: 39

In addition to blogging, I haven’t been the worlds best Weight Watcher. I’ve been sorta keeping track in my head, but then again, not really.

I am down 1.4 pounds this week. This is lowest I’ve been since starting WW and I’m only 5.4 pounds away from 10% of my body weight lost!

Can’t wait for school to start back up and I can go to the gym!

Weeks 22 & 23

I didn’t update last week, because I WI early before I left for camp. Better late than never, right?

Week 22

Start Date: 1/16/2010
Start Weight: 245
Start BMI: 42

Today’s Stats Date: 6/21/2010
Today’s Weight: 227
Today’s BMI: 39

Down .6 to a 227 flat, even WI’d in 2 days early. Maintained the entire week I was at camp (judging from the scale when I got home) and then…

Week 23

Start Date: 1/16/2010
Start Weight: 245
Start BMI: 42

Today’s Stats Date: 6/30/2010
Today’s Weight: 228.4
Today’s BMI: 39

Gained 1.4 since I’ve been home. 😦 I did so well tracking at camp and then just blew it by not tracking when I got home. Tracking is sooo important I’ve come to realize. Without tracking, I feel like I can trick myself by thinking that I really didn’t eat that extra taco at lunch the other day, or those random chips I eat throughout the day don’t exist. Guess what? They do exist.

My goal for this week is to start again tracking everything. Thanks to Birthday Challenge thread on the WW 20’s board, I’m starting to realize my goal of 200 by 20 isn’t going to happen.  I’ve revamped my goals for then. I’m hoping to hit my 10% mark (220.6) by August 1, 2010. This gives me a little over a month to lose a little under 8 pounds. It’s a stretch, but I’ve already slacked enough, I need to kick my butt into gear.

What are your goals for the week? Do you have a goal for your birthday?

Week 21 Stats

Start Date: 1/16/2010
Start Weight: 245
Start BMI: 42

Today’s Stats Date: 6/16/2010
Today’s Weight: 227.6
Today’s BMI: 39

Lost another .4 this week, while spending most of my time in Dallas. I’ll be content to losing .4 every week if it gets me out of the 220s. I feel like I’ve been stuck here forever.

Next week is 4-H camp. I’m trying to decide if I’ll WI on Sunday, Monday morning before we leave or just skip next week. I have the camp menu for the week and I’m going to sit down and figure the points out. I also bought a cute little journal that I’m gonna record everything that was eaten during camp, so when I get back home I can get online a track it.

Dallas was a blast. Saw some pretty awesome fish at the North American Discus Association show. Saw some pretty awesome people in a pretty awesome stadium <3.  I’m a HUGE! Dallas Cowboys fan so when I found out that they were having an open practice on Saturday, I begged and begged my BFFs family to go. Luckily they said they would even drive me, because I was fully prepared to find a taxi and take it there since the hotel shuttle doesn’t go to the stadium.

Some pictures:

Signalling for a touchdown in the endzone. 🙂

Best frannn and I

They were yelling at us to get off the Star. Oh well. 🙂

I had a blast. 🙂

I love…

working out. 🙂

Week 20 Stats

Week 2o:

Start Date: 1/16/2010
Start Weight: 245
Start BMI: 42

Today’s Stats Date: 6/9/2010
Today’s Weight: 228
Today’s BMI: 39

Down .4 this morning. I’ll take it though, because right now I have no room to be picky and complaining.  The program will work when you work it.  It is really quite easy, I just need to get there mentally.

This week could be a hit or miss.  I leave for Dallas tonight with my best friend and her family for a fish convention.  Hopefully I can make wise decisions about my food choices. I NEED to.  You guys have no idea how excited I am to use the fitness center when we get to the hotel. It may be sad, but I even dreamed about it last night, haha.  (Wow, I never thought I’d be dreaming to be in a gym…).  I really do miss my free gym at school right now. 😦

Cooking wise, I have a new favorite.  A plain wheat tortilla, a 1/3 to a 1/2 a cup of brown rice, chicken with EVOO and taco seasoning, salsa and a little cheese. A delicious burrito that is surprisingly filling.

In case you didn’t realize, I changed the name of the blog! I’m no longer a sophomore so “Sophomore Slump” has been retired. “My Loss is My Gain” is a new title that I deem fitting for a weight loss journey because you have SOOOO much to gain in live when you loss the pounds.  Also experimenting with the background. I like this one, but you can’t see my pages that I had. (Or I’m just blind and don’t see them).

Anyways, I need to go pack! 🙂 Maybe I’ll update from Dallas, depending on how much time I have and the internet!


It’s summerrrr

Graduation season is upon and there are so many birthdays coming up for me, it’s not even funny.  This is how I know it’s summer…graduations, birthdays, hot, muggy weather, the ice cream man driving by, kids playing outside, and CAMP PREPARATIONS.  Call me lame but I LOVE summer camp. I’ve been going since I was nine (this will be my eleventh year!) and I’ve worked my way up from being a camper, to a C.I.T, to a Junior Counselor to an Adult Counselor. I was hoping this year I could be on camp staff (the people that are there all year and make the

Cabin Decorations!

“camp magic” happen) but I wasn’t able to.

I’ve been so busy making decorations for our cabin to fit the theme “Whodunit”. I’ve made some magnifying glasses (though, they kind of look like tennis rackets, according to my dad), foot prints and a couple giant green question marks to hang around the cabin.

Last night my little sister (well one of them) graduated from 8th grade. I was looking for something to wear to her graduation ceremony when I ran across a skirt that I’ve had for years.  I actually bought it for my own 8th grade graduation from the same school, which would have been 6 years ago? Something like that. Just for kicks and giggles, I tried it on and it fit!

The 8th grade grad and I 🙂

I remember trying it on last fall semester to wear to an event and it didn’t fit! I know I’m still a lot bigger than I was in 8th grade, so it’s kinda of were. Nonetheless, I was ecstatic that it did. It would have been hilarious if I had worn the same skirt I wore to my own 8th grade grad as my sister. Maybe I will next year when another of my sisters graduates from 8th grade. =P

Last night, after graduation, I went out with one of my friends who turned 21 yesterday to Applebees. Thankfully you neighborhood bar and grill still has the Weight Watcher endorsed meals. I ended up getting the Garlic Herb Chicken that came with seasonal veggies (broccoli) and some seasoned potatoes. It was surprisingly delicious for being only 7 points. I was pleased.

I’ve also been experimenting with cooking in the kitchen.  Today for lunch I made a delicious rice and chicken meal.  I had a bag of brown rice that you can boil and I added a tsp of EVOO to the water as the rice cooked.  I also put some EVOO on my chicken breast, which I cooked on my dear George Foreman (2 servings of healthy oils CHECK!, one serving of whole grains CHECK!, one serving of lean protein CHECK!).  When the rice was done, I took a cup of it and placed it on my plate.  I then poured 1/2 cup of salsa/tomatoes on top of the rice (one serving of vegetables CHECK!).  Cut of the chicken in to strips and threw that on top of the salsa rice. Then I put some more salsa on (I love salsa) (one serving of vegetables CHECK!).  On the side I had 1/2 cup of unsweetened applesauce with some cinnamon (one serving of fruits CHECK!) and a glass of skim milk (one serving of dairy CHECK!). So all in all that was 8 GHGs for ~11 points. It was super filling too. I have leftover rice and I can easily grill up another piece of chicken and make a yummy burrito out of it too.

Today I also got my Polar F6 in Coral heart rate monitor!  No joke when I heard the doorbell rang, I ran up the stairs and let out a big “WOO HOOO”.  I am almost 100% positive the UPS man thought I was crazy.  Anyways for those of you who don’t know a HRM provides an accurate count of calories burned. It looks like this:

Polar F6 Heart Rate Monitor in Pink

These bad boys normally run over a hundred dollars so when the wonderful ladies (and gents) over on the Weight Watchers message board let us know about Sears’ Awesome Polar F6 Deal, I couldn’t pass it up.  I just opened it and and am getting ready to go through the manual to figure out how this sucker works.  My goal by purchasing this is that I hope I become more motivated to exercise when I’m seeing the effects immediately on the screen.  I’ll let you know how it works out this weekend when I try it out. [=

I’ve also got a potential trip to Dallas next week, with 2 of my best friends and their parents. So excited. I love that family so much…in fact a shout out to Kim for getting me a free food companion when she found out about my awful experience at the Lexington Weight Watchers center with the crotchety old lady. Thanks Kim! [=

Now I’m off to go explore some British pop music that my friend Leanne introduced me too! [=

Wow, it’s hard to believe I’ve been doing Weight Watchers for 19 weeks now.

Week 19:

Start Date: 1/16/2010
Start Weight: 245
Start BMI: 42

Today’s Stats Date: 6/2/2010
Today’s Weight: 228.4
Today’s BMI: 39

And so my WLJ continues to yo-yo back and forth. That’s a 1.4 pound gain.  It could be water weight, because I’ve been doing well on my water lately (especially yesterday). OR. It could just be the result of having ribs 4 times this week, (thanks Memorial Day and sales at Wal-Mart and Kroger).

When I first started my journey, I was inspired by a post on the WW boards about a journal entry/list that one of the ladies had (her name slips my mind, credit goes to her!).  I made my own and posted it on my bulletin board in my room.  Well, moving out occurred in the rain so my poor list got ruined. I’m going to post it on here so I have it forever, and it’s a good reminder for when times get tough, that I will get through it.


Kaitlyn’s Awesome Weight Loss List

I will. . . Forgive myself for gaining weight back.
I will. . . Achieve my goals.
I will. . . Set myself up to succeed by”
-Keeping crap out of the apt.
-Always having snacks ready.
-Make my lunch for work.
-Go to bed at a decent time.
I will. . . Not compare myself to others.
I will. . . TRY working out in the PM.
I will. . . Track EVERYTHING!
I will. . . Strength train 2 days a week and do cardio at least 3 times a week.
I will. . . Get the most from the FREE SAC gym.
I will. . . Keep a diary/blog to …
I will. . . Keep this off and remember how good it feels to be fit.
I will. . . Not obsess over numbers on a scale.
I will. . . Remember what I’m capable of.
I will. . . Keep the weight I lose off.
I will. . . Get in as many GHGs as possible.
I will. . . Keep things fresh & new.
I will. . . Rediscover my athleticism & determination.
I will. . . Focus on mini goals.
I will. . . Exude Confidence.
I will. . . Be Happy and Comfortable.

Going to listen to “Be My Escape” by Relient K.  I’ve decided that this is my WLJ theme song.

Yes, I know I’ve been saying that I would start taking measurements for a while now.  Well, I finally have.  I took a couple measurements back on February 17, 2010; though, I don’t know if I even took them right. Oh well.  We’ll use those as just a reference point.

Measurements on 2/17/2010 – Weight: 237.6
Arms : 14.5 inches
Thighs: 30.5 inches
Waist: 50 inches

Measurements on 6/1/2010 – Weight: 227
Arms:  14.5 inches | Change from beginning: 0
Thighs: 29.0 inches | Change from beginning: -1.5 inches
Waist: 44 inches | Change from beginning: -6 inches
Bust: 46.5 inches | Change from beginning: N/A

Now, the only place I’m a little concerned is my waist. . . I know I would have been pretty consistent with where I measured for my arms and thighs. For my future knowledge, my “waist” is an inch above my belly button (I split the difference between the recommended 1/2 inch above and the skinniest part of your waist).  6 inches seems like a whole lot, which is why I am doubtful to it’s validity.

Anyways, now that I’ve got that done and documented, I plan to do it once a month, at the first of each month.  My twentieth birthday is in exactly 2 months. Hopefully I can shake these 27 pounds by then…

Expect another update tomorrow, when I find out how much damage Memorial Day week caused me on the scale.

Week 18 Stats

Start Date: 1/16/2010
Start Weight: 245
Start BMI: 42

Today’s Stats Date: 5/19/2010
Today’s Weight: 227
Today’s BMI: 39

Broke even this week from my gain last week.  Very stressful day involving a crotchety old woman at the Weight Watcher’s center in LEX who wouldn’t let me buy plan materials because I don’t have the monthly pass. 😦

Came home and the day care kids spilled water all over my computer. It’s been soaking in rice for 24 hours now. 😦

Learned an important lesson after stopping by Sonic and ordering onion rings and mozzerella sticks: I eat when I’m stressed/frustrated.

I’ve got 6 more days to make things right!